Network Marketing or Pyramid Scheme?

I recently fell trap into one of those ‘networking marketing’ meetings. I am sure y’all have fallen victim. The GNLD, Forever Living type. 

First, I like how they invited guys. They targeted women ( I don’t know if this is a good thing or bad). Is it that we are easily convinced or we are more concerned about our health and the likes? Oh well the event was dubbed Women’s Summit with topics of discussion being Intimate Health and Creating Wealth.

Womens Summit
Invitation Poster

The moment I saw the poster I was like,”oh yes, this is it!” I couldn’t wait to hear more.

On the D-Day my cousin and I got there about an hour late, ( crossing counties plus unexpected traffic 🤭) sigh! As we walked in, we signed up, filled in details on the book as it’s protocol at most events.

What I noticed, as I waited for my turn – was the banner written Trevo and bottles of Trevo arranged in three/four tires positioned strategically in the room. Trust me you couldn’t afford not seeing one of those Trevo bottles. At some point I thought we would get one each! Yes! I love freebies! 😀

As we looked for a place to sit, I whispered to my cousin, “oh man! I really hope this is not one of those meetings like GNLD and the likes”. She laughed.

We Sat, watched some video, shortly after an intro (all this while my gut was just like, girl you have fallen into a trap). There after we hit off to the first topic, it was amazing!! No lie! The speaker was just too amazing, she even gave as an advice. If a man’s game is too weak eeh don’t beat around the bush – just tell em; Also, faking orgasms could lead to problems at a later stage when you want to have babies. That I didn’t know. Yes shoot me already. Ha ha.

Anyways with that I thought, okay! This is not so bad after all. So I got comfortable. Eagerly waiting for more sessions like those. 

Then, came the second topic. Oh! Here I lost it the moment the lady started talking about numbers and getting someone under you what not. Y’all know how that goes. Trust me from then my mind shifted to the cake that had just been placed on the table which was at the far corner on the right. 🤭 Yes! My mind shifted focus immediately. PS: I was also hungry – it was about 5:00 pm we hadn’t eaten lunch. So yah!

Honestly speaking, I have zero tolerance for those meet ups. One, because I know I am not patient, I don’t know how to convince guys – that they really need to join the circle. Especially my kinda circle? Ah ‘ngumu sana’. So to save myself I would rather run away from that and save myself – because my mind will switch off the moment I get the hint that it’s about to change to that, ‘network marketing’ or if you want pyramid scheme. I actually commend those who keep up, are very loyal and get good cash out of it. Kudos my people. Kudos. 

But given the chance, would I purchase Trevo? Yes! I definitely would. I just couldn’t buy it then because it is quite pricey.

I would buy it because it looks effective – like it actually works.. All the ladies in the panel had really glowing skin, I was in awe. The testimonies we got to hear were mind blowing. Another thing I liked about it is, it is a multipurpose product from sorting out acne problems, weight management, blood pressure and many more. All you need is that bottle and you can take as little as a teaspoon a day depending on the condition. It is tasty too. So,  I would definitely recommend it to someone. 

Bottlearrangement Trevo

If you want to learn more about Trevo click here.

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Mind Block?

What are people going to say?

Will they like it? How good am I? e.t.c

Constant questions that run through my head, when I am about to write up content. I have ideas and all but mind block gets to me really good! SMH! :-/

Ola people! Been a minute!

Late last year I thought I would be prompt in writing/updating my blog since I had joined the Story Moja Bloggers group in preparation for the Story Moja Festival. I mean – it helped in a way. It’s not like there was no impact . Trust me there was. But work happened ++. (Not an Excuse I know).

I have always been pumped with stuff to write, but the drive to do so would just drop like…

…or I would talk to my inner self and convince myself that I still have a lot of time and that ends with,”I will do it tomorrow”.

But guess what?

Tomorrow never came until today!

This is where y’all clap for me. I mean, this is progress. No? Yes?

Oh Well, I shall applaud myself! ha ha!

I shall not relent nor make any excuses. I will try as much as possible to be as consistent as possible and get out of my comfort zone.

Annnnyway let’s see how this will go.

Lets chat on the next post. 🙂

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Joanne : What to expect…

Most of us know Joanne, from Sakata Dance Competition – she was one of the judges on the show which aired on our local TV station – Citizen TV.

She’s well trained in dance hall, hip hop, Afro fusion, lyrical and contemporary.

I have always loved dance – contemporary dance for that matter. This takes me back to the show, “So you think you can dance”. I never wanted to miss an episode. Especially when participants were paired up. I would watch the show with my eyes wide open – you’d think I wasn’t blinking at all. I wanted to take note of each step being made. They made it seem so easy. As if one could just wake up n go like ah, “today am going to dance , let’s do this”. But no, that’s never the case. We know how that ends up. Their perfection was just something. 👌

contemporary dancers
Contemporary Dancers

What you may not know about Joanne is that she’s also an author. Yes, an author! Her main focus being on children. Her book, “The Lizard and the Rock” was the best seller in 2009.

the lizard


“Why push through life when you can dance through it. “ a quote from Joanne’s blog.


Joanne is one of the artists set to perform at the Story Moja Festival in September. See poster for details.


Without beats and rhythm – music would be boring. Atleast that’s what I think. I don’t know about you. .

Dance and music being part of her, she’s expected to have an interactive, entertaining poetry and dance workshop at the festival. At the end of the workshop one(you) will have a different approach to literacy with beats and dance after the session.

I can already imagine how epic this session will be. Reading poetry then translating that to some rhythm ++choreography? Ah! That’s bound to be epic. We can bet on that!

If you love you some fun, you better save the date and show up on the day. 

To purchase a ticket or two or more 😀 Click here.

Don’t miss out.

If you do, best believe I will make you get jealous 😂

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You hear of cancer – you think death! The thought of it gives me shivers down my spine.

Years ago, you’d hear little of it – but in this day? It is a common word in our lips. The most feared disease in the world today.

Cancer – the abnormal growth of cells in the body, with the potential of spreading to other parts of the body. More than 100 types of cancers affect humans.

I have had close relatives who’ve passed on due to cancer (…may their souls RIP).

I have heard success stories on cancer survivors who are currently living a healthy life. Hearing some of these success stories has changed my thought and views on cancer (which I get to hear through some forums I attend thanks to Held Sister Foundation – an organization committed to create awareness about cancer in Kenya).

I recently attended a forum organised by Apollo Hospitals at Villa Rosa Kempinski in partnership with HELD Sister Foundation and Kanini for Africa – “Cancer can be cured”, being the main topic of discussion.

Apollo Hospitals are currently planning to train about 100 doctors starting August 2017 – all from different specialties. This will be a boost to the health facility as there are only 9 oncologists currently  in Kenya. Due to the high costs of operations in Kenya – the Indian hospitals recommend cancer patients here in Kenya to fly to India for medication as it is cheaper.

Dr. Chirag Shah, a practicing Hemato-oncology and the author to the book ‘Cancer can be Cured’ – which talks about the different aspects of cancer i.e. treatment, prevention, chemo, therapy etc; mentioned that 50% of cancers diagnosed, can be treated and cured. There are so many cancer survivors treated – with about 14.5 million cancer survivors in the US treated in the past 5 years.

YES! 14.5 million. Unbelievable right?

A glass of red wine a day is said to be healthy – but this could also increase the risk of getting cancer, said Dr. Chirag.

According to Dr. Chirag exercising daily – whether you are over weight or not, reducing your consumption of processed meat reduces the risk of getting cancer. Where as the increase in processed meat consumption increases risk of getting bowel cancer.

There has been an improvement on medication and its side effects over the past few years. Initially, there were about 30 cancer medicines, which has now increased to a total of 200. Vomiting was very common(currently, about 5% patients vomit while undergoing chemo), side effects used to cause death – which forced doctors to reduce the dose. The medication was not effective once the dose was reduced. One had to spend the night at the hospital for medication, but today, there are oral medications and one doesn’t have to spend at the hospital.

Even with the introduction of new treatment, there are cancer patients who are being treated with the same treatment, mentioned Mr. Ikua (husband to the late Janet Kanini) as he addressed the guests.

Some facts – points to take note of-

  • Cancer myths – All patients are treated same, Surgery is a must for all cancers, Surgery is the first option for all cancers, Surgery is enough for all cancers, Treatment is the same everywhere (NOTE: the man behind the radio therapy machine is important, as well as the quality).
  • Cancer kills more people than HIV and TB combined.
  • With half match you can do a transplant, if you don’t have a sibling or a child it’s nearly zero. 
  • Earphones are safer compared to using the blue-tooth piece. There’s no definitte information on whether cell phones causes cancer but there’s a likely chance they do.
  • Chemotherapy doesn’t kill, but many people have been cured from cancer through chemotherapy
  • Use everything in moderation, it’s difficult to prove what and what causes cancer accurately. Reduce gradually. It may or may not cause cancer but may cause something else.

There was so much that was said on this day – I  wish I could share all of it here. I have shared the most insightful bits from the forum.

Some pics from the event:-)

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Parting Shot – Take some time and talk about cancer, get screened early – don’t be scared.


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