Something Random…

Writing this while at Mugg & Bean.

*This is going to be short and sweet*

Coffee Mocha

One of those days you just want to have a moment alone. Not that you are stressed up or all weighted down with stuff going on – but you just want to have some time with yourself.

Do you have such moments?

Off late I just don’t want negative energy around me. I try avoid them as much as possible – and if I find myself in such a situation? I would opt to stay quiet and not contribute to anything. Unless it’s one of those my input is needed.

“Be the energy you want to attract.”

View from where I am seated

…and power just disappeared at the coffee house + Total Petrol station. 🤭

Weirdly the generator hasn’t come back on. Its now about 5mins since it went off. No action yet. Should we worry? Ahm, I think the station and Coffee House should worry more. No? Yes? 🤔


A little about something interesting from the day that got me thinking…

So, from some little work project, headed back to the office – we were having a conversation with Hill(one of my colleagues) and I started laughing. P got surprised and goes like, “I have never seen you laughing. I need to capture this – I need to take a selfie with you as you laugh.” 😂

I mean, I am never that serious!!

Okay! I have been told I am always too serious, oh do you ever laugh, oh, who has annoyed you and many other statements.

One last one – you look like you have attitude.

Guys! I am not serious every damn time. Maybe it’s just how my face is structured 😂 – I don’t knooooow. LoL.

I think I should have a smile on me every time regardless. Or can I have some changes on my face to a more smiley one? Hahahaha.

Somebody please help!!!

Fifi ❤️


Digital Kids – how safe are they?

Fiona, do you know Cardi B? 

I wasn’t sure if I heard her right or not.


I asked her to repeat what she had just asked me.

Do you know Cardi B? The one who has sang I like it?

In shock, I reply, “Yes!”

Why do you ask? Where did you even know her from?

My ONLY 8 year old sister tells me that she is a musician(not that I don’t know this), has very many nice songs – and that they get to listen to some of her songs in the school bus.

Guys! At this point I instantly wore mummy hat! Voices in my head saying, “Oh mahn! the drivers need to stop playing such music in the bus or better still not play any music in the bus!” I mean how can she be knowing all this at her age? How? Am I over reacting? Maybe!

Also thought to myself, haven’t parents complained? But then, once complaints are made, who will make sure that their requests are followed? We are humans – very prone to forget and put that behind us.

Parents, guardians, big sisters/brothers can try so hard to monitor content their kids/siblings watch and listen to, but somehow the content will still find its way to them one way or another. This worries me a lot – years to come, how much will we be able to control?

I still don’t get how Micheal Jackson managed to keep his children away from the Internet for years; only for them to find out how big their dad was after his death! How? Do you think this was a good thing or bad thing?

Is it safe to say that the only way to  make sure your kids/siblings watch appropriate content from the Internet is by talking to them at an early stage, letting them know what is wrong, bad etc? Probably blocking some of those sites?

The digital world is evolving fast! What would you do? Lets talk!


Fifi ❤

Who Fits your Close Friends Circle?

On my morning social media run at 5:30 am – before getting out of bed. I came across this. (See image below)

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-23 at 3.09.55 PM

With a few days to my birthday this got me thinking.

If I was to have a surprise birthday – who would be there? Who would actually show up? Or if someone was planning the surprise what criteria would they use to determine who actually fits to be part of the surprise plan?

I would probably react the same way, if I was the guy in picture. LOL!

I don’t know about you, but have you ever sat down and thought who is/are my close friend(s)?

We fall in and out of friendships such that it reaches a point where you opt not to open up to any other new person that would come to your life. But I guess anyone who shows up in your life comes for a reason. Yeah?

I really envy guys who have this tight close friendship of about four or five friends or more going on with them. I know it’s never a smooth ride, but keeping it solid for years? That’s something I wish I had.

Side Note: I have never had a surprise birthday – or any surprise for that matter. Last time someone tried, it didn’t go throughtenor. It was canceled. Sadly! Can you imagine how bummed I was when I was told, “eh, BTW I had planned a surprise for you, but because of this and that I canceled it.” *Jaw Drop*


Why was it canceled? That’s a story for another day! LOL! 

I am always in the ‘commitee’ of surprising someone haha. Not complaining though. 🙂
It’s amazing seeing your friend happy on the big day – birthday, bridal shower, baby shower any.

…also if you feel like planning a surprise birthday for me, I don’t mind. My birthday is on the 6th of June, I promise I will act surprised 😀

Fifi ♥

Career Talk!

Little conversations with my sisters on what they’d want to be when they grow up go something like this…


Fiona: What do you guys want to be when you grow up?

Trista: A Scientist, A pilot

Isis: A Pop-star!

Their choices didn’t come much of a surprise to me because I have noticed what they love based on the kind of questions they ask, their best subjects in class and what kind of stuff intrigue them.

Isis loves singing and dancing – A LOT! She even requested me to create for her a YouTube channel for her. Trista on the other hand is more of a science person.

We all know how career choices change with time. I know about 80% of us are not in the field we thought we would be at! LOL! 😀

Case in point I wanted to study Aeronautical Engineering; Pilot; Doctor before I cleared high-school. Fast forward to after high-school, my career choice changed to Information Technology. Good thing is I loved computers – I was lucky to have started using computers early enough, so already got me excited. Other than that I am also doing Photography and Digital Marketing.

Side note: My dad wanted to become a watchman! Yes! A watchman. Why? Because he thought all they did everyday was sleep and eat. He is now an Advocate! Wau!

I ask my sisters again, just to see if they have other options.

Fiona: Give me at least two or three options

Trista: Well, a Scientist, Pilot, Doctor or an Advocate like dad, or a Consultant like mum, or or ooooor maybe a Photographer and Social Media Marketer like you!

Isis: A Pop-star! A Pop-star! A Pop-star!

Yap! Isis is determined on being a pop-star.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully support their career choices. I just want them to have options based on what they love. Also, given the fact that career choices change as one gets older.

I tried explaining to Isis why having options is important, but she didn’t understand. She didn’t understand how one would change their career choice at a later stage.

She is 8, Trista is 11. They still have a long way to go. 🙂

…and I still have a lot of questions to answer! Big Sister duties.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this unfolds. 🙂

PS: Isis was named before the whole Isis ‘manenos’ and it means ‘The Egyptian Goddess of Love’ ❤
I bet thats why she’s always full of love!

Fifi ❤